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  • Problem:How to establish a market order?
    Answer:Click on “New Order” or double-click on the item in “Market Quote” or press “F9”, the order window will appear, update all the fields related to your market order, including goods, lots and sell/buy, if any Need to be able to adjust the "maximum deviation of the allowed transaction price and quotation", the stop loss price and the profit price can be modified after the order is closed.
    Once the order is executed, it will be displayed in "Transactions" in the "Terminal Window" below.
  • Problem:What is a "click transaction"?

    Clicking on the trade allows you to quickly close the position by simply clicking on the last "X" of the completed order, which is the quickest way to close the position.

    To enable "Click Trade":
    A. Click on "Tools"----"Options"----"Transactions"
    B. Click “Click Trade”, select “Accept these contract terms”, click “OK”, and finally click “OK” to exit the note: To cancel “Click Trade”, you only need to repeat the above operation.

  • Problem:What do the types of pending orders mean?
    Answer:Buy limit refers to hanging more than the market price;
    Sell limit means a short list above the market price;
    Buy stop refers to hanging more than the market price;
    Sell stop refers to an empty order below the market price.
  • Problem:What is the maximum deviation of the allowed transaction pri
    Answer:The maximum deviation between the allowed transaction price and the quoted price refers to the range in which the market price fluctuation can be accepted when the customer conducts the market order transaction. Assuming the current market price is 910.50 and the customer sets a maximum deviation of 10 points, the order can be traded within the price range of 910.50 ± 0.10.
  • Problem:What do the columns in the account summary mean?
    Answer:After logging in to the online trading platform, you can see the following columns on the terminal: balance, net value, used margin, available margin, and margin ratio.
    Balance: Current account fund amount.
    Net worth: It is the balance plus the total net profit and loss, reflecting the dynamic change of the account funds. It also means that if all the orders are closed at the current time, the account balance is the current net value.
    Used funds: that is, the occupancy margin, which represents the sum of the margins required for all positions.
    Available funds: equal to the net value deducted from the occupied funds, which means that the account is currently available for effective trading of the transaction. (Available funds can be applied for withdrawal)
    Margin ratio: net value divided by used funds (when the fund level is ≤ 30%, the system will perform a forced liquidation of the position order)
  • Problem:How to ensure the security of my account funds?
    Answer:Client funds are highly secure and absolutely secure, and the company's business is protected by Hong Kong government laws. The client's trading account funds are completely freely accessible, and you can experience the professional service and good reputation of our company through continuous access.
  • Problem:Forcibly closing the position
    Answer:Forcibly closing the position, the purpose of the position-taking measures is mainly to help you avoid losses that exceed the principal invested. At the same time, as an added safeguard, we provide account deficit protection (ie, when your account has a negative balance due to forced liquidation, we contribute to make up the negative balance of your loss) and protect traders from potential financial losses.