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  • Problem:What will the withdrawal currency be
    Answer:The customer withdrawal currency defaults to US dollars.
  • Problem:Does GOLDEN 168 GROUP accept third party deposits
    Answer:Recognized. GOLDEN 168 GROUP accepts deposits from third parties other than the account holder, please indicate your trading account number and name.
  • Problem:How many accounts can I open
    Answer:An ID card can only open a real trading account. To open an additional account, please submit another ID card.
  • Problem:Desktop version of the trading software
    Answer:GOLDEN 168 GROUP currently only supports Windows system, click on the software download in the account management, click "MT4 computer download" to download the software compression package to the computer and decompress and install.
  • Problem:Simulation account login cycle
    Answer:If the demo account is not logged in for 2 weeks, it will be automatically logged out. If you are unable to log in, your demo account may have expired. You can re-apply for free. If the real account is not logged in for 12 consecutive months, it will be automatically logged out, and only the account balance will be retained. The customer can submit the identity information and continue to operate.
  • Problem:What is the exchange rate?
    Answer:The currency of the GOLDEN 168 GROUP account is US dollars. If you deposit in other currencies, we will use the market exchange rate published in Hong Kong for exchange. The exchange rate is fair and open, and no fee is charged.
  • Problem:The cost of withdrawal
    Answer:GOLDEN 168 GROUP transfers without deducting any fees, and the fees charged by the transfer platform are borne by you.
  • Problem:Does GOLDEN 168 GROUP accept third party withdrawals?

    Not accepted. GOLDEN 168 GROUP does not accept third party other than account holders for withdrawals.. If there are any changes, please go to the information download section of Account Management to download the “Change of Information Application Form”to change the information.