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  • Problem:The contract details
    Answer:The contract details are subject to the latest contract specifications published on the website. Click here fordetails.
  • Problem:Why does the chart always show "waiting for updates"?

    Click on "Window"----"New Window"----"GOLD" or "SILVER"
    Feel free to adjust the chart window or the time period you need to view and add the various metrics you need to match your trading needs.

    Tips M1:1 minute map, M5: 5 minutes chart, M15: 15 minutes chart, M30: 30 minutes chart, H1:1 hour chart, H4: 4 hour chart, D1: daily chart, W1: weekly chart, WN: Monthly chart.
    For more software operation problems, please click to view the platform guide in the software download in Account Management.

  • Problem:How to make withdrawal
    Answer:Click "Account Management", select "Withdrawal Application", fill in the required information, and only withdraw the funds after verification by the company, and the withdrawal amount is at least USD 100. If the balance is less than 100, please enter 100.
    If you are unable to submit, please check if the information you filled in is the same as the account opening information. If there is any changes, please go to the data download section of the account management and download the “Change of Information Application Form” to change the data. 》》》》》》》》》》》" Data changes , GO!
  • Problem:How to deposit

    Request account information via email.

    Reminder: In order to protect your interests, after completing the payment, you can choose to take a screenshot of the transaction reference number or printscreen to make it into an electronic file, and email the remittance statement to to verify the payment.

  • Problem:How to open an account conveniently

    The easiest way to open an account is to apply online. The process is very simple and requires only three steps:
    A. In the data download section of the website account management, click to download the “Customer Account Application Form” and fill in the required relevant information as required.
    B.Submit valid identification certification documents, (jpg, gif, bmp, doc, pdf format, do not encrypt)
    C. Scan or take a photo and email it to

    After the company has reviewed and established the database, the trading account and initial password will be sent to your registered email address. 》》》》》》》》》》》" Open an account immediately , Go!
    If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us

  • Problem:Prompt "invalid account" or "cannot connect"

    With the internet connection in place, make the following attempts:
    Re-enter the trading account number and transaction password. The trading account is 8 digits. The password is more than 5 characters. It contains at least letters and numbers. Note that it is case-sensitive. It is recommended to input it manually. Do not copy or paste it to avoid extra characters.
    Server chooses SUNROCindustrial-Live

    If you still can't log in after completing the above steps, the most convenient solution is to reset the transaction password. Methods as below:
    Log in to the website, click on the information download in Account Management, download the “Password Reset Application Form”, fill in the relevant information (must be consistent with the information registered at the time of opening the account), scan or take a photo after signing, and send it to by email. Our company will send the "transaction password" to your email within one hour. Please change the password in time. 》》》》》》》》》》》 Reset transaction password, GO!

  • Problem:Mobile version of the trading software
    Answer:The GOLDEN 168 GROUP mobile version supports iphone, ipad, and Android. The specific installation steps can be found here .
  • Problem:How to change the transaction password
    Answer:After logging in to the trading software, click "Tools"----"Options"----"Server"----"Change"----"Change Master Password", enter the old password once, two new passwords. Note: Passwords should be as complex as possible, at least 5 characters long and at least 2 of the following 3 types: uppercase, lowercase, and numbers. Note: Read-only passwords are not available for transactions.